How to uninstall WAMP Server from Windows

If you are looking to uninstall WAMP Server and start fresh with a new installation, here is the quick and straight forward way to do it in Windows.

1. Exit WAMP Server if it is running.


2. Head over to START –> Control Panel


3. Click on Uninstall a program


4. Select WampServer 2.x and click on Uninstall. Powerfull Uninstall (shown here) is added by a nice utility called IOBit Uninstaller which I highly recommend.


5. Click Yes..


6. Once uninstalled you will see the following message, click OK.


7. Finally, delete the wamp folder by doing a right click –> Delete.


You are now ready to re-install or simply try another development package that better suits your needs.

Hope this has helped.

4 Comments on “How to uninstall WAMP Server from Windows

  1. pls help me I get also a warning that it will destroy all my files .
    What should I do to get rid of it.I want to uninstall and again install

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