How to uninstall WAMP Server from Windows

If you are looking to uninstall WAMP Server and start fresh with a new installation, here is the quick and straight forward way to do it in Windows.

1. Exit WAMP Server if it is running.


2. Head over to START –> Control Panel


3. Click on Uninstall a program


4. Select WampServer 2.x and click on Uninstall. Powerfull Uninstall (shown here) is added by a nice utility called IOBit Uninstaller which I highly recommend.


5. Click Yes..


6. Once uninstalled you will see the following message, click OK.


7. Finally, delete the wamp folder by doing a right click –> Delete.


You are now ready to re-install or simply try another development package that better suits your needs.

Hope this has helped.

5 Comments on “How to uninstall WAMP Server from Windows

  1. pls help me I get also a warning that it will destroy all my files .
    What should I do to get rid of it.I want to uninstall and again install

  2. Yes it will destroy your files, it uninstalls the entire program. If you want to keep the files of the program for reuse, then go to C:\ and make a backup of wamp (or wamp64 whatever it is on your PC) before deleting as suggested by Henry

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