New website is live.

Welcome to my new website. After months of late night hours developing and adding bits and pieces here and there.. I have finally decided to launch and start using it as my portfolio / downloads / blogging / site, and of course as a fan of PHP I decided to use WordPress as my CMS. I consider the site far from ‘complete’ as it will keep evolving and more content will be added as time goes by. But for now it is time to put it out there to work.

One of the major functions of the site is to distribute two pieces of software I developed a little while back. The first is MusicZen and the second is FileMover. Both are single purpose utilities that I hope you will find useful.

I kept the NYC theme from my old site because if you have not noticed, I love NYC! It is the city I grew up in and went to college, and my first e-mail account was hsnyc@… So I adopt it as the sites identity.

Please have a look around, download some of my apps, and let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you.

I hope you have a great day (or evening) and thank you for stopping by.